Mr & Mrs Gorman get married at Craigsanquhar!

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Memento Wedding Photography

The stunning wedding of Mr & Mrs Gorman was my 2nd wedding of 2016 and boy was it brilliant! When I first met Katrina and Davie, I just knew she was going to be the epitome of elegance and he would be dashing, and together they would look amazing on their big day at Craigsanquhar House Hotel.

Once again I enlisted the help of Siobhan, my fab photographer pal, and while I photographed the girls getting ready at home, Siobhan was at the venue capturing the details our couple had worked on in the run up to the wedding, and waiting for the boys.

We were so lucky with the weather, and as usual the staff at Craigsanquhar could not have been more helpful.

Here is the story of Katrina & Davie, and their wonderful families…

If you are interested in booking Memento Wedding Photography for your big day, please visit our website at for pricing and galleries!

Mr & Mrs Beattie

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Memento Wedding Photography

I’m catching up on blogging and what a way to kick things off!

This wonderful wedding was the perfect start to my wedding season of 2016 – Set in Glen Clova, the rugged landscape with snow still prevalent on the surrounding hills made for an incredible backdrop, and the Beattie family welcomed us from the moment we arrived.

I knew when we met during our initial consultation they were my ideal clients – completely set on having as much fun as possible, planning a wedding that involves the whole family and most of all, completely in love and not afraid to show it! We hit it off right from the beginning and I was determined to do my absolute best to capture their big day.

Armed with my trusty 2nd photographer Siobhan, we ventured out into the wild glens and found this newly-revamped hotel with staff that could not have been any more friendly and cooperative, they were amazing.

 Here is the photo-story of Jen & Ryan’s wedding…

MementoStudiosWeddingPhotographyDundee_0021 MementoStudiosWeddingPhotographyDundee_0022

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How to choose your Wedding photographer – Memento Studios Dundee

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I got married in October 2012, and after this I realised just how precious the photographic record of the day is on a personal level. I’ve always appreciated that providing wedding photography means a lot to my couples, but as I flip through my own album looking at faces that have already grown up, moved away or passed on it really hit me – this is it. This is what I’ll have to show my future children in 10 years time, this is what will jog my memory, it will be my comfort in sad times and a lasting reminder of the best times. I thought about the difficulties I faced trying to figure out my own wedding photographer, and thought I’d write an impartial blog with advice on what you should be looking for from your prospective photographers. I’m doing this not to convince couples I’m the only wedding photographer out there, but because I now know how lost I would be without these photographs, and how grateful I am for booking a photographer I could trust.

Wedding 10

Regardless of how close or far away your big day is, I’ve put together some tips on finding your wedding photographer. The kind of things you should be looking out for, and the questions you should be asking. I give this advice to all couples who come to see me, and I give it as impartial advice. I want couples to make an informed decision when booking, and yes I love it when people choose me, but this information is to underline the importance of booking a professional capable of delivering photographs you can cherish for a lifetime.

So why do you need to do this research? Won’t any photographer do? Unfortunately the photography industry is completely unregulated, meaning there’s no system to tell an experienced professional from an amateur, who is insured, no scale to determine why a photographer charges what they charge vs how good they are. Never assume that anything in photography is a standard. One photographer might provide you with 300 photos on disc included in the package, but the next photographer won’t sell digital images at all. With a huge array of photographers to choose from, what important factors should you be considering? Where do you begin your search? Hopefully this guide will make the process a little easier to understand.

So without further ado, my tips on booking your wedding photographer!

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Congratulations Mr & Mrs Saranczuk!

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Rebecca & Sean’s big day was just brilliant – these two are one of the nicest couples I have ever met and are so easy to get along with. One of those couples you feel like you are good friends with in a very short space of time, so naturally their wedding was always going to be fun and relaxed. They are so perfect together, a true bond of always being there for each other no matter what life brings.

Their big day was held at the Hilton DoubleTree in Dundee, which I have a soft spot for as I got married there in 2012 when it was the Landmark Hotel.

I’m going to be completely honest and faithful to this wonderful day and admit that there were 2 very emotionally-charged points. When I’ve got the camera in front of my face for most of the day, you’d think it’s like taking a step back from the emotions of the day, kind of like watching it on TV, you’re not really there… definitely not the case! Both families have been through a lot together and during the ceremony the hairs were up on the back of my neck as Rebecca’s relative gave an emotional reading, and the guests were full of pride for the couple but with a little bittersweetness about those who couldn’t be there in person to witness their union. The 2nd time was during the speeches – Rebecca’s mum gave an incredibly emotional speech, it was serious lump-in-the-throat time and judging by the sniffles in the room there were more than a few tears shed! It was beautiful.

Every other moment in the day was fun, relaxed and happy. I’m so pleased Sean & Rebecca trusted me when I asked them to hold off on their couple shots until after their meal, as I knew the evening light would be more romantic than the mid-day sunshine. As photographer, you don’t want to play havoc with someone’s plans but you do want to give them the best photographs possible, so I’m very thankful they understood and I think it paid off!

All in all, a great day for two beautiful people 🙂

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Congratulations Mr & Mrs Wilkinson

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Today we’re looking back on the wedding of the lovely Gavin & Teresa whose anniversary is coming up next month! How exciting! Congratulations you two!

Gavin & Teresa got married in St Ninian’s Church and then went on to have their reception at Chambers East, but not before stopping off at Macmanus Gallery for some beautiful couples shots! A truly lovely day and an absolute pleasure to photograph. I’ve known these 2 ever since I photographed their 2 beautiful kids (wee Lily wasn’t here yet!) a few years ago and every time I bump into them I remember how fabulously I get on with them. Their wedding was positively bursting with love, happiness and family, and hopefully that shows in these photos!

2015-07-28_0001 2015-07-28_0002 2015-07-28_0003

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